IGNOU Assignment Status 2023 – Check Marks & Result (UPDATED)

IGNOU Assignment Status 2023 – Check Marks & Result (UPDATED)

IGNOU Assignment Status 2023 – Check Marks & Result (UPDATED): Students can check the IGNOU Assignment Status for the recent TEE sessions, June 2023 and December 2022, here.

All IGNOU students must collect their assignments from their nearest study center or download them from the IGNOU website.

Students are required to complete the assignments provided by the university, answer the questions, and submit them to the designated study center by the deadline.

IGNOU Assignment Status
IGNOU Assignment Status

Assignments will not be accepted by the center after the deadline has passed.

IGNOU Assignment Status 2023

As you know, the university has begun to release the IGNOU TEE results for the June 2023 session. We expect that the IGNOU Regional Centres (RCs) across the country will soon begin to update the IGNOU Assignment Status and Marks Online for the same session.

Students are advised to check the status of their IGNOU assignments regularly in order to get their assignment scores and results online as soon as possible.

The IGNOU Assignment Status and Marks for the June 2023 TEE session will be uploaded along with the TEE Result June 2023. So, keep checking the assignment status regularly to get your grades.

If you have already submitted your IGNOU Assignment for the December 2022 session to your study center, either online or offline, you don’t need to wait any longer.

The link to check the progress and grade of your assignment has been updated to reflect whether or not it will be updated online.

How to Check IGNOU Assignment Status, Marks & Result 2023?

Many students find it difficult to track the progress of their assignments and grades online after submitting them to the study center. However, there is now a single location where students can find all of this information.

To check the status of your assignments, grades, and results, simply click on the following link. Once you have arrived, enter your 9 or 10 digit enrollment number and select your program code from the list. Then, click on “Submit” to see the status of your assignment on your screen.

What If IGNOU Assignment Status is Not Updated?

The IGNOU Assignment status update process can sometimes be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a delay in the evaluation of assignments at the concerned study center or the regional center not uploading your assignment marks online.

Candidates can wait until the results are announced to get updates on their assignments. However, if you are unable to find your assignments’ status or grades even after the release of the TEE Results, you can contact the center where you submitted your assignments.

To get updates on the status of their pending assignments and their marks, students usually need to go to their local IGNOU Study Centre and speak with the center coordinator. Please keep a copy of your grade report and do not discard the assignment receipt you received when you submitted your work. Once you have completed these steps, your assignment grades will be updated online.

If your problem with your assignment has not been resolved after contacting your Regional Center (RC) and Study Center (SC) multiple times, you can file a complaint at the IGNOU Grievance Redressal and Management (iGRAM) portal. The grievance team will investigate your complaint and take appropriate action on your assignment. They will then respond to you with the specific remedy.

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